Hi sweetheart, I’m so glad to meet you! I’m Life Healing Coach Tahira Michell, MFT. I serve as the catalyst to your healing. Clients come to me shackled to unhealthy patterns of their parental system. My unique approach addresses these needs and patterns, bringing healing, forgiveness, and freedom.

Ask yourself….

Do you feel sad or depressed despite your achievements?

Do you feel stuck in the middle of family or parent drama?

Do you attract emotionally unavailable people in your life?

Do you wonder why?

Find the answers to these questions right now. You may be shackled to unhealthy parental patterns that you’re unaware of. Take the quiz to find out!

The Quiz


Let’s see if you are shackled to unhealthy parental patterns? Take the quiz to find out!

How will your result resonate with you?

Whether you are aware or unaware of unhealthy patterns, this elicits insight, curiosity and inquiry that could put you on a path to healing.

Answer the following:
3-Always, 2-Frequently, 1-Sometimes , 0-Never
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I feel like I’m constantly chasing the approval of my parents.  *
I have always had a problem with self-esteem, and/or valuing myself without external validation. *
I have a hard time making decisions and setting boundaries on my own. *
I seem to end up in unhealthy, unhappy relationships, both romantic and in friendships. *
I feel out of touch with my intuition, I fear making mistakes, and have trouble trusting my own instincts. *
If I’m honest, I tend to downplay my strengths to protect the feelings of others. *
I have a hard time with criticism, and tend to feel triggered at critique, even if it was not intended. *
I am a typical type-A personality, and I like to control my environment. I have a hard time not being in control. *
I feel like I have to earn approval through achievement.
I suspect that I am capable of greater achievement, but something holds me back from being at my best.
I am deeply sensitive and emotional. I have a hard time controlling my emotions and can blow up.
I am emotionally shut down, and deny my emotions or put them aside to appease others. I often also have a hard time distinguishing my emotions from those of my partner or parent.
I rely on myself for everything and have a hard time trusting others to get things done. I end up overworked and stressed out.
I attract friends and partners into my life that rely on me for support. We end up with imbalanced relationships where I bear the burden of effort.
It is important to me to portray myself as perfect to the outside world, but inside, I have a nagging sense of lack of perfection.
I have a parent that makes my problems about them. They never take responsibility for their actions and frequently play the victim.
I have a parent that tries to control my life, and tends to overreact or make a scene.
I have a parent that I can never seem to please, who frequently compares me to others and critiques me harshly. *
I find myself being the parent to my parents; it’s my job to help them manage their feelings, or make things better for them - often to my own detriment. *
My family frequently seems to have drama, and I end up sacrificing my own needs to put the peace of my family first. If I do put my needs first, I end up filled with guilt, shame, and anxiety. *