6 Ways Self-Care Can Change Your Life

Do you live with a perpetual laundry list of SHOULDS? You know the list: – I SHOULD take my kids to a museum every weekend. – I SHOULD visit my aging mother at least twice a week. – I SHOULD clean out the garage, bathe the dogs, do my daughter’s hair, clean the microwave, take Jimmy to soccer practice, pick up my husband’s dry-cleaning, bake cupcakes for Susie’s Easter party… PHEW! SHOULDS are exhausting. You

8 tips for pumping up your self esteem

8 Tips for Pumping Up Your Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem is a muscle. Yes, you read that right. Just like those biceps and triceps, your self-esteem needs a daily workout; Everyday practices that help PUMP YOU UP! Over the years, you may have struggled with this muscle. Lord knows I have! Most especially as women, our self-esteems get a real beating. It gets fed all the wrong nutrition: media that criticizes our bodies, overbearing relatives that remind us we’re not enough, “failures” that